Strategy & Management

Our goal: Help you achieve your projects and connect with your customers.

It has become essential for any company to be present on the Internet. It brings the relation between customers and companies to a completely new level. The evolution of Social media has brought interactivity to this relationship and has become primordial to create additional value for the Company’s brand.

We will together elaborate strategies that will best fit your needs and therefore, helping you to achieve them either by bringing you the right tools or creating them.

Infrastructure Management

Do you have your own Infrastructure but lack of engineers to monitor and manage it?

Our support team will check the availability of your services, send alerts, execute predefined tasks, resolve difficulties and generate activity reports.

All this depending on what you want us to do thus matching exactly your needs.

And there is more:

We put in place a global dedicated bug/issue tracker and ticketing support system for the unique use of your company. Only you can have access and it can be customized for your particular requirements.

Hosting Services

We offer two main Hosting Services.

If you want to manage by yourself your server, install your own packages, programs and configure it, as you like, you will then use our Dedicated Hosting Service. You will have total control on a fresh installed server and if you wish we will be there to help you configure it.

On the other hand if you want to focus on your business and don't have time to manage your servers we can administer them for you.
We will install, update, monitor and manage them strictly on your technical specifications.
We can also match your specific needs with our predefined server templates that can also be customized. Here are some examples of them: Mail server, Web server, Dns server, etc


We believe in Design!

We think design is the key. It is what strikes and makes the difference. That is why we give a lot of importance to Design on all of our projects.

We will bring unity to your branding through all your media!

We offer a wide panel of services such as:

  • Web Site Design
  • Template creation
  • Logo & Logotype Design


We love to Develop!

And we love to learn! That is why we keep our eyes on all new technologies to best serve your needs.

We develop firstly for the Web: Web sites, Intranets, Extranets and all web based applications and APIs.

The mobile developments sector has not been set aside as we have now both Android and IOS capabilities.

We can create client to server applications as and we can also implement specialized infrastructure and open software for best optimization and performance.